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Login and start creating forms with loads of field choices.

Use On Devices

Publish the forms to your mobile devices.

Analyze Information

Easy to read, grids, charts and graphs.

Give Your Printer A Chance

Reduce the amount of paper printed on a given day for employees. Send the forms your employees use directly to their phone or tablet.

NEW Dynamic Lists

Populate your forms and spreadsheets with the most current information by using the Dynamic Lists feature. It works by consulting a “master” spreadsheet which you are in complete control of – your forms will automatically populate fields with the master’s information.As you update or make changes to the spreadsheet, your forms will also be updated – so you can rest easy that the latest information is what’s on your forms.

Build A Decision Tree

Workflow becomes easier with the assistance of decision trees. The answers of the forms questions will guide how the following form will be filled out.

Everyone's On The Same Page

Upon form completion, send the information via email to all parties involved.

Discover Business Trends

Display a snapshot of your data in the form of graphs for easy access to data comparisons. Always be one step ahead of the game.

Listen To What People Are Saying

“Advanced Wireless Forms helps you transmit data more quickly from the field to the office.” David Minton, Engineer
Lonnie G. Harper & Associates, Inc.
“Actsoft’s Advanced Wireless Forms has greatly increased the efficiency of our service calls. ” Melissa Cornelius, Coordinator
Quality Tire
“The easy-to-use forms and reader-friendly reports saved us hours of time daily.” Eliza Wilson, Manager
United Building Maintenance
“Using Advanced Wireless Forms has paid off immensely. We’ve been able to reduce administrative time, unnecessary expenses and verify payroll time submitted.” Georgeanna Morrison, Manager
Appalachian Production Services, Inc.

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