Features That Upgrade Your Paper Forms

Bring your paper forms into the digital age by creating them online and fill them out on wireless devices.

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Create Forms On The Computer

Start with the basics

Our form builder accepts a number of different inputs. Each type forces the user to enter information exactly the way each input type requires.

Manipulate the form

The form will dictate what question comes next by how the previous question was answered.

Then Check Out Actsoft’s NEW Dynamic Lists


  • Link to information from clients, landmarks, employees, items and assets
  • Connect to another database to get updated data based on changes


  • Mobile employees have up-to-date information
  • Updates sent moments after changes
  • Reduce time and errors

When Filling Out The Forms

Choose your device. We work on every major cell phone and tablet device.

Attach Quality Photos

Capture and edit an image with our powerful photo editor brought to you by the good people at Aviary.

Confirm With Signatures

Capture a persons signature directly on the device for immediate form confirmations.

Review Your Work

Give your form a look over with our preview pane before you submit the data.

Analyze Form Trends

Charts and graphs allow you to view your data on a large scale.

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